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Reaping what we sow
Be prepared to be treated as you treat others


After only three years, the marriage of Pornsak and Somsong was already on the rocks and they quarrelled all the time. That night, like every night, they went to bed angry at each other. Pornsak suddenly remembered that he must get up very early the next day. He wanted her to wake him up, but being conceited, would not speak to her first. So he wrote a note and gave it to her. The note read: ``Wake me up at 6 o'clock in the morning.''

The next day, he was woken up by the sound of the national anthem from a school nearby. He was angry at his wife and planned to explode at Somsong the minute he saw her.

When he reached for his glasses at the head of the bed, however, he saw a note on a piece of paper. It read: ``Wake up! Wake up! It's 6 o'clock!''

The story above shows we should be prepared to be treated the same way we treat others. Don't expect from others more than what we give them. If we want others to speak to us, we must speak to them first. If we want friendship from others, the place to start is ourselves. Whatever we do, it goes back to us. It's normal. Hence the old saying: we reap what we sow. It's how the law of karma works, isn't it? If we want to achieve anything, we have to put an effort in it. If we remain angels, don't ever hope to get help. To invest just one and to expect one hundred in return is like overcharging. In the same vein, if we want our children to be good and compassionate persons, we cannot neglect the children when they are young. We cannot just pamper them with money
or materials without giving them time, love and care. We also must be good role models for the kids. If we want quality children, then we also must be quality parents.

These days, we often hear complaints against the young generation that they are materialistic and slaves of fashion from Japan and the West. That there is nothing in their heads but to find concerts to scream their hearts out. Before we adults go on complaining, why don't we ask ourselves why the kids have become like that. Is it because of the environment we have created for them? Isn't the society which is obsessed with materialism and the blind following of foreign cultures the inheritance the kids receive from what their parents have created? If so, how could we expect the children to be any different?

The teachers who want their students to achieve must invest time and efforts in them _ as shown by the story below.Teacher Boonchoo must lecture his class on Mondays during this semester. Often he could not make it because of his moonlighting at a private company on the same day. He solved his problem by having his assistant take his recorded lectures to class so the students could listen to the tape.

One day, he happened to finish his meeting at the company early so he rushed to class. When he entered, he found an empty room. The recorded lecture was on. But there was not one student there. Only tens of tape recording machines on the student's desks at work, recording his recorded lecture. Action equals reaction. This is a universal law.

This story is from a book in Thai entitled Sa-Ra-Khan: Dhamma in Funny Stories published by Sathira Dhammastan. Tel. 02-509-0085.)

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